LUMIA 920: A Great Come Back

23 Feb


Splendid, marvelous and beautiful may be the three best words to describe Lumia 920. The new Lumia 920 is a new phone that was recently released by Nokia after seeping out of the Smartphone arms race over the past few years and is the second-generation flagship of the Nokia’s first Windows Phone. It also has taken a pretty big role in improving Windows Phone’s standing in a crowded (but lucrative) Smartphone battlefield.

The Lumia 920 arrived with a couple of noticeable arsenals that is the PureView camera and a big, luxurious screen which they call it PureMotionHD+ display. With such technology, it became the first capacitive touchscreen flagship to support operation with gloves and definitely will capture the heart of winter sports fans.

It runs incredible software, the latest Windows Phone 8, which is the best version of a graceful, beautiful, and outright daring phone OS and probably Nokia’s best Windows Phone. The only thing that could became an issue for people who have small hands maybe the chunkiness that this phone possesses, weighing at 185g. Other than that the Nokia Lumia 920 is absolutely a breath of fresh air for Smartphone consumers out there.

Published in Now Jakarta Magazine, January 2013


Canon Powershot G1X: Absolutely Powerful

23 Feb


Canon has announced a promising new breed of the perennially popular G-series range of advanced compact digital cameras. The G1X offers a significant upgrade and is quite a departure from the previous models in the range.

Aimed predominantly at aspiring photographers, this compact camera is capable of taking high quality images just like a DSLR. Superseding the G12, the G1X has 14.3 Megapixels and a slightly larger body. This alteration comes with a shift of the camera lens and processor.

In terms of hardware, the most interesting part of the G1X is undoubtedly its new sensor. The new model ditches the 1/1.7 inch CMOS sensor of previous G-series in favor of an all-new 18.7 x 14mm. the G1X is also armed with the newest processor, the DIGIC 5 – with this nifty chipset, taking photos of fast-moving objects in low-exposure setting is a breeze. On top of that, the G1X has a high speed burst HQ feature and is compatible with a range of EOS accessories – enabling the camera to multitask.

With a flip-out 920k dot(VGA) screen, metal construction, optical viewfinder, stabilized lens, twin control dials, customizable shortcut button, and an exposure compensation dial, the Canon Powershot G1X has a lot to offer amateur and seasoned photographers alike. Even if you already have a high-end DSLR camera, the Powershot G1X is still a must-have.

Published in Now Jakarta Magazine, April 2012

Lola by Marc Jacobs: When Youth is a Matter of Soul

23 Feb


When fashion genius Marc Jacobs joined forces with notable perfumers Calice Becker, Yann Vasnier and Ann Gotlieb, a unique creation was born. That creation was Lola.

Aesthetically speaking, Marc Jacobs’ latest fragrance is distinctly beautiful. The bottle is reminiscent of a vibrant and eclectic flower bouquet. Its silhouette was inspired by Marc Jacobs’ bold and adventurous sense of style. Looking at its overall appearance, Lola conveys the playful, cool and flirtatious spirit of today’s women.

Lola can be worn day or night. Its bouquet opens rather strongly with pink peppercorn, pear and ruby red grapefruit. The midnotes consist of fuchsia peony, rose and geranium. Vanilla, tonka bean and creamy musk create sensuous endnotes that linger on the skin.

To its wearer, Lola lends a light-hearted and youthful air. This perfume ascertains that youth is a matter best calibrated by the soul, not by the sun. Lola, like the rest of the items in Marc Jacobs’ repertoire, is highly coveted and well suited for women of all ages. For men, this perfume would make an excellent gift for your loved one this valentine’s day.

Published in Now Jakarta Magazine, February 2012

Lucy in the Sky : Review

4 Apr

As people more concern about open green spaces in Jakarta – a new restaurant located at Fairgrounds named “Lucy in the Sky” offering an eco-eat&drink experience by presenting their thematic rooftop garden bar and restaurant to fellow Jakartans.

Teeming with foliage, antique furniture and surrounded by Jakarta’s towering skyscrapers, this place is a perfect place for people who love to spend their time with friends while drinking, eating, chatting, and listening to the great music in the same time. At least, that’s what I feel!

With a vast variety of drinks on the menu, from cocktails, beers to mocktails, I was rendered into confusion. But, the waitress was quickly suggested their signature cocktail, Ginsberg, which contains the concoctions of vodka, caramel and espresso, it has creamy texture with a nice coffee aroma, this drink gives a pungent punch.

Before I dig into my delicious meal, Dutch croquette became as my entrée. A small fried food rolls containing the combination of spices, herbs, vegetables and ground meats. This stuff is dominated with sweet flavor and seriously addictive – crisp on the outside, sticky and moist inside!

I ordered Balado Oxtail. It’s one of the tenderest parts of cow, cooked in a tomato and chili sauce, with bell peppers as well(maybe). It is also served with rice, and a bowl of oxtail stocks. I love this dish – it’s very beefy in flavor, the sauce is amazing and surprisingly (not) spicy at all! Even people who have the weakest constitution against spicy food will love this meal.

The Balado Oxtail

Lucy’s cake was chosen as my dessert – my favorite cake – a chocolate cake, coated with chocolate frosting; it was like Christmas in my mouth, thanks to its moist and fluffy texture. However, there are another Lucy’s  desserts that worth-to-die-for such as Hummingbird cake, a cream cheese cake with banana, pineapple, and walnut.

Lucy’s Cake… it looks quite ugly though(from this side)

What is KONY 2012??

9 Mar

KONY 2012

This video has a very noble purpose…. a purpose to make Joseph Kony famous. But who the hell is he actually? One thing for sure, he is a really really bad guy. One who has abducted little children in Uganda and force them into prostitution (for girls) and put the boys into battle fields and drive them to kill innocent people including their parents only to serve his own motivation for power. Horrible isn’t it? This video is not meant to celebrate him as a notorious villain of the world but simply to make him famous in order to open our eyes and make us realize that his works is an absolute evil and must be stop immediately. He must be capture!

Just a Compilation of Funny Stuff

8 Mar



Batik Living Heritage Exhibition

4 Feb

Hey, you! Do you know batik?

it is a very traditional textile, and has a profound meaning inscribed on each fabrics and transcends its motives and colors.

In Indonesia, many people acknowledge java as the city of batik and wear batik to show their social stature, power or for a very important occasion such as weddings. And Indonesian Batiks has been awarded as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in 2009.

I got the opportunity to visit the batik exhibition at Galeri Nasional, and sit tight for this, because some say photos are stronger than words right!?

hereby, i give you a glimpse of Indonesian(javanese) wonderful cultural creation!

Galeri Nasional 

 Batiks fabrics and tools to paint one

 Royal Batik


 Wayang Kulit


Kris, Javanese traditional weapon

Iwan Tirta batik collection

Wayang couple

batik(again) with flowers

sinden, singing javanese cryptic songs throughout the party  

Beautiful isnt it?